Summer 2014

Enable 450 Newsletter Issue 8 (Summer 2014) Executive Summary

With the introduction of new processes from all the major players the industry hasn’t been talking about 450mm so much in recent months, but this does not mean the topic has ‘gone away’ and progress is still being made. However the efforts involved in introducing the new processes has diverted attention away from larger wafers and so some delays can be expected. This newsletter gives an update on the current situation.

To match the delay in progress of 450mm technology, the Enable450 and Bridge450 projects have been extended by a year with an end-date of November 2016.
The SEMICON Europa 2014 event will take place in Grenoble from October 7th to 9th. The EEMI450 initiative will have their own stand at this event. There will also be presentations in four sessions spread over 2 days on 450mm wafers entitled “450mm Innovations and Synergies for Smaller Diameters”.

TSMC is now expected to be able to start constructing the 450mm fab at the start of 2015.
The world’s first fully patterned 450mm wafers were revealed at SEMICON West and were on display throughout the 3-day event in San Francisco, California. Nikon also confirmed that a 450 litho system is on schedule to be delivered to the G450C at Albany in early 2015.

SEMI have published a guide to the latest 450mm standards on their website.

This newsletter has a useful list of many recent articles on 450mm technology.

Finally the editorial discusses many of the commercial aspects of 450mm technology.
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