The overall objective of the proposed Coordination Action is to support and coordinate activities in relation to research and development of equipment and materials for 450 mm wafer size production.

Following the purpose of a Coordination Action to create, coordinate and support a strong network between research actions on 450 mm the following activities will be provided:

  1. Literature studies, results from EU studies on 450 mm topics and 450 mm European project results

  2. Analysis of worldwide activities, especially those at CNSE, Albany, NY.

  3. Acquiring 450 mm and ITRS requirements, since these have to be fulfilled in parallel.

  4. Promoting development of related standards, especially within running or future 450 mm projects, as already is the case in the ENIAC EEMI450 project.

  5. Inducing cooperations between industrial partners and between scientific community and industry, especially in the form of projects, but also bilaterally, if research is competitive. Special emphasis will be put on possible 450 mm pilotline and evaluation projects in Europe

  6. Inducing proper dissemination of European 450 mm project results

  7. Forum for networks: Establishing links between existing transnational and global organisations e.g. ISMI/CNSE, G450C, SEMI, and tier 1 semiconductor companies,which are involved in the 450 mm transition.

  8. Setting up databases encompassing:
    a) 450 requirements concerning equipment, materials and infrastructure
    b) Worldwide availability of equipment and processes with a special eye on metrology.
    c) Publishable results from European projects

  9. Dissemination (newsletter, special website, articles, conferences, workshops, information pool)

  10. Transferring knowledge with benefits to 300 and 200mm operations in Europe